Citrus Skies

Shooting in my Blood Like Poison Citrus and Stars Lasting Grace in Rhythm of its Sweetness I’ve Gone Into The Higher Ranges of Universal Fruit Gaining More of the Fountain Which Has Encoded on the Trapped Soil

GRACE Awakening

I woke UP extremely late with sticky dreams at the corner of my eyes!  I could not wipe them, from the waterfall of cries!   Breakfast was set – the table-spread.   Still finding it hard to believe, I got out of bed!    All in my head.   The blessing … Continue Reading GRACE Awakening

Afforded Joy

I just finished “Jesus Among Other Gods” and I want to give you a taste of this food I have been reading: here are 7 quotes (One from each chapter) where it took me into a new motion of thought. THESE ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER OF REFERENCE….REMEMBER..THIS IS JUST … Continue Reading Afforded Joy