‘Tis Photoshopped

’tis photoshopped! edited! distorted! re-created and re-imagined. a wavy like principle that is mainly designed to incorporate fantasy.

borders are constructed. colors are harmonized with shapes and DETAIL matters. in this day and age — most of everything we see has been photoshopped.

from magazines, books, film, and people. real events have been re-framed to suit whichever narrative favors most with independent biases. we are truly living in a world of pixelated confusion. most of this confusion stems from being unable to differentiate the obvious from the ambiguity.

3.1 (1)

this isn’t to say, our confusion will always lead us astray. in fact, confusion can prompt passage ways for the right questions which may lead to solid conclusions and assessments.

most of what i enjoy about writing and the world; is the vastness of what i don’t know (but am curious to find out). at this point in my
life — i typically think in absurdist terms. i find the whole process of daily living, absurd when you look via hindsight. so many things come too late or too soon.

“Everything comes and goes
Marked by lovers and styles of clothes
Things that you held high
And told yourself were true
Lost or changing as the days come down to you
Down to you
Constant stranger
You’re a kind person
You’re a cold person too
It’s down to you

as joni mitchell so eloquently — pinned.

as absurd as this ever changing process of life is — i still find it fascinating how we hold on to somethings while other things manage to slip away. human beings are very selective and the things that make the cut as opposed to the things that don’t are enormous. hilarious contradictions like these always present themselves in loud ways when we ponder at history. the patterns are such repeated and we’re usually not thrilled when things do not turn out as intended.

hence ‘ PHOTOSHOP!

the ability to rearrange and build new how we perceive what we then created. this can be done in a multitude of ways. i particularly love doing
it with clothes and buttons. it’s fun. it’s random. IT’s button therapy, baby!

032119 redconceptwhite.jpg

they’re plenty of potential dangers to photoshop (some would argue it creates a mini celebrity enterprise with vacant benefits) however, for the most part — when we’re interacting in the real world, we don’t have the escape of photoshop. they’re no extra colors or lights there to help convey your presence. (unless you’re Mariah Carey) it’s just you. pimples, beauty marks, freckles, clear skin, and or whatever you got donned on your face.

this isn’t true for everyone clearly — some use makeup to the max, as makeup and contour culture has dominated interest in recent years. it’s not uncommon to hear people boast about beating their face! and i’ve seen some beaten faces, let me tell you.

makeup enhances what is or isn’t there. thus the whole point – MAKING UP (via shades, foundation, eye liner, etc,)

Little Richard famously said back in 1972:


while i don’t personally wear makeup, i do edit my photos to elaborate what the photo FEELS like to me. Hence the many variations of this Picture:

clearly a bathroom selfie

BUT it then became this..

yay for colors and triangles 

…Quite the absurdity

for the wave of 1999 purple

…But not until we take you to the clouds

alien green man from the clouds

…now over and beyond to the distant and far galaxies


all of these different variations personifying a plethora of scenarios all of which to produce……what exactly?

experience? escapism? a random configuration of imagined ideas?

how far does one go to believe the animation? shouldn’t we all want to let it hang out, like Little Richard said?

at this point we should be honored if anyone engages whatever we say in the light of the many things people are saying. so you only have 8 views and they only made it 35 seconds into your 2 minute long video? still that’s somebody, who took the time! IF YOU MADE IT THIS FAR! CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON!

it seems all of this is telling me that we can never truly underestimate the power of photoshop. the ability to recreate and remix — sometimes at the expense of perception. it’s all fun and games to those who wish to solve the puzzle or expand themselves via the random uploads of content creators like myself. to which i thank you for following along with random ins and out of my creativity.

p.s yes the title of this blog was inspired by David bowie’s song. ’tis now a pleasure — for once was ’tis a pity —’tis photoshopped! all of reality is being made up by interpretation which really makes us all editors and designers of our own worlds. may these worlds not collide but glide together within space and time. (albeit somebody got to make noise even if its a frog in the pond making ripples)

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