12 Years A Slave (More Than One Story)

What made me pardon the film, is its historical accuracy. I really lauded to see such consistencies save a few minor additions. I still would love to see more films based on HIStory that came before the slavery period. As I think films which stress the richness and beauty of Africa, can somehow eradicate this disastrous yet factual piece in time. Our history is rich and also powerful. I appreciate Nick Cannon for making this statement.

Why don’t they make movies about our African kings & queens? #OurHistory I would love to see a film about Akhenaton and his beautiful wife Queen Nefertiti! Or Cetewayo, a King who was a war hero. I’m about to drive to my office RIGHT NOW and start the development! New Hollywood Trend, Black King, and Queen films! Starring Black People!!” #NoDisrespectToElizabethTaylor.”

It reminds me of what Michael Jackson achieved through ‘Remember The Time’. I think Hollywood could benefit from this action. Seeing progressive, images which reflect a piece of history that is rarely if ever seen through the lens of Hollywood. I believe something can be done about that! We were not only victims of mass brutality that came through the acts of rape, lynchings and devalued imposition.

If modern America could see before we were brought to a land that was not our own; maybe the perceptions of us as people would change. No, we are not monolithic, we all carry different stories. But in Africa, there are riches untold, not just of jewels and geometric pyramids. There is wisdom, and a great length of stories to be told. By honorable teachers such as Marcus Garvey, who I am as of late immersed in his studies.

We need to become familiar with the history, of actual figures who existed with the goal to further consciousness. That’s where my aim is, to further and to deconstruct this institution of monolithic exaggeration.

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